Invite your MP to launch of new research comparing sex work and other jobs commonly done by women

Dear friends,

We’d like as many MPs as possible to attend the launch of our new research on 5 February, 6-8pm, Committee Room 5. Details of the research is below. It really helps if MPs hear from their constituents, especially at this moment in time when there are many demands on MPs time and attention because of Brexit. 

Despite the short notice, please enter your postcode below and use this tool to invite your MP to attend and give serious consideration to the decriminalisation of sex work based on the evidence presented.


What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Job Like This: Comparing sex work with other jobs traditionally done by women. The event is hosted by Dawn Butler MP, Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary. More details here.

Sex work is often characterised as inherently exploitative. In this research, we compare pay and conditions between sex work and other women jobs.

We began this research after the Home Affairs Select Committee in 2016/7 recommended  the decriminalisation of sex workers on the street and in premises. The government's response was that it was concerned about the exploitative nature of sex work.

By looking at sex work in the context of other “women’s work” we hope to break through the mystification and divisions between sex workers and other women and other workers and address the issue of exploitation in a more comprehensive, instructive and useful way. Examples of the jobs featured include: bartender, cleaner, teacher, midwife, shop worker, playground monitor.