Urge your MP to support the Home Affairs Committee report on prostitution

Dear Friends,

In July 2016, the prestigious Home Affairs Committee (HAC) published its excellent report recommending that sex workers working on the street and in premises be decriminalised.

The chair and membership of the Committee has changed since the general election and they are now considering “the subjects and inquiries which they [will] prioritise”.

Could you please urgently contact your MP and press them to back the Committee’s recommendations which would immediately improve sex workers’ health, safety and welfare.

Sex workers are prevented by the law from working safely and record numbers are facing arrests, raids, cautions, convictions and even prison. At the same time, benefit cuts and sanctions, lowering wages, increased homelessness, and debt are forcing more people, particularly women (and particularly mothers!) into prostitution.

New Zealand's Prostitution Reform Act decriminalised sex work in 2003 with verifiable improvements in health and safety. This is a model for a similar law here.

Please use this quick and simple tool to contact your MP and urge them to back the HAC recommendations. Please bring to their attention this report  of a ground-breaking Parliamentary evidence gathering symposium on decriminalisation.

Thank you.

Laura Watson